White Robed Chief Chapter 795

Chapter 795 Level Nine

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After having mastered the blade technique’s sixth level, he easily advanced through the following seventh and eighth levels. With his strong spiritual force, he was able to circulate these levels no matter how complicated they were.

Compared to the sixth level, the seventh and eight levels produced a much higher speed. Upon activation, the small stone would immediately hit the target, leaving the target almost no time to react. Moreover, its destructive force became more astounding. The seventh level produced twice the force of the sixth level while the eighth level generated twice the force of the seventh level.

Chu Li could imagine what would happen if he used this technique to fight Tan Hu. It would be impossible for Tan Hu to escape then.

Unfortunately, he was puzzled again when he reached the ninth level. This time, he needed to intertwine the two types of inner energy without letting them overpower each other, but it was almost as impossible as putting fire and water together and keeping them unaffected by one another unless he had a special heart technique that was capable of intertwining these two types of inner energy in symmetrical proportions.

Chu Li believed that he might have to blend in a third type of inner energy.

However, since it was much harder to intertwine three different types of inner energy in symmetrical proportions, he was unsuccessful no matter how he tried to do it.

At dawn the next day, Li Ruolan came gliding over looking fresh and delightful in her pink gown.

She found that Chu Li was shooting small stones by making them disappear from his hand in one moment and having it reappear in a distant huge rock in the next.

She stood aside and watched in amazement.

His small stones were moving faster and faster and were hitting the same spot over and over again.

“Tsh!” He had managed to shoot through the one-meter thick rock as a small stone went through and flew out on the other side of the rock.

Her charming eyes widened as she stared at him in shock.

Based on what she knew, the Light Blade would be increasingly harder to cultivate toward the end, because its high speed and great force would make it very difficult for the person to control their aim. Usually, the person would not be able to hit their target, so it would be useless even if they managed to achieve a higher level.

Furthermore, more spiritual force and inner energy would be consumed as the level increased.

At the sixth level, most people would be exhausted after shooting two or three blades and would not be able to continue anymore.

However, Chu Li still seemed so full of vigor and showed no sign of exhaustion at all after shooting ten small stones in one go.

He was not a genius but a freak!

Chu Li brushed the dirt off his palms and turned his head to grin at her. “Miss Ruolan, what do you think of my Light Blade?”

“Is this the sixth level?” Li Ruolan’s gown fluttered in the strong wind while strands of her hair came loose. Only the veil on her face remained unaffected as it covered her face from his view.

“It’s the seventh level,” Chu Li replied.

“You’ve already advanced to the seventh level?” Li Ruolan sounded shocked.

Chu Li smiled and answered, “I’ve cultivated until the eighth level but the stones can’t handle the force of the eighth level, so I can only practice with the seventh level.”

The force produced by the eighth level was so destructive that the small stone would explode at the moment his inner energy converged into it.

Li Ruolan removed her veil and a smile appeared on her lovely face. “This time, I’ve come to deliver your blades to you.”

She pulled up one of her sleeves and revealed the flying blades around her fair wrist. Each blade was only as long as an index finger and was gleaming brightly and coldly like a mirror under the radiant morning sun.

Chu Li raised his eyebrows as his gaze fell upon her jade-like wrist.

Li Ruolan rolled her eyes at him and took off her wristband where the flying blades were neatly arranged. There were six blades in total.

She handed the wristband to Chu Li and said, “The Saint herself has decided to bestow this upon you.”

“I thank the Saint for this.” Chu Li took it from her absentmindedly. It felt surprisingly light and almost weightless in his hand. “I don’t think six will be enough.”

Li Ruolan responded, “It should be enough for you to use. How many blades do you think you’ll need to use at a time?”

The Light Blade would deliver a fatal attack whenever it was used. At full power, a person usually would not be able to shoot all six blades because their energy would deplete after shooting two or three blades, or perhaps even only one blade.

Chu Li asked, “May I have a few more?”

Li Ruolan responded impatiently, “How many?”

“Six more,” Chu Li said. “I can carry them on my other wrist then.”

“It’ll better for you to wear them on your left arm. You’ll be wielding your sword with your right hand, so it may affect your speed when you swing your sword,” Li Ruolan replied.

Chu Li shook his head. “It won’t be a problem. They’re so light. How can it affect my speed!”

“… Alright then, I’ll speak to the Saint about this.” Then, Li Ruolan suddenly remembered his fortuitous encounter and how it had given him enormous strength.

She took her leave and slowly glided away like a cloud before disappearing into the clouds and mist. Soon, she had traveled over ten miles and vanished from the Omniscient Mirror’s field of observation.

Chu Li did not trail after her to find out the whereabouts of the Saint. Instead, he calmed his heart and carried on with his cultivation.

The flying blade felt light as a feather and icy cold in his hand. It would not have much destructive force if he were to throw it without attaching his inner energy to the blade. In fact, it would feel like he was throwing a needle as fine as a cow’s hair that would not be able to even pierce through his target’s clothes.

Nonetheless, these blades were extremely sharp. As he took one and touched it lightly to a rock, the rock felt like tofu against the blade.

Fortunately, he achieved a high cultivation level in his torso tuning technique, so he was invulnerable to the blades. If any ordinary person were to even touch it lightly, they would very likely be seriously wounded. Thus, a person could easily wound themselves by wearing these blades around their wrist.

He immediately circulated the eighth level of the Light Blade Technique, and the blade on his hand vanished instantly before reappearing ten meters away. The blade cut through the one-meter thick rock, continued to shoot forward at high speed for ten more meters, and then disappeared into another huge rock.

Chu Li was left speechless at the magnitude of its destructive force.

He had originally expected it to just shoot into the first rock and had never imagined that it could go straight through the rock and lodge itself one-meter deep into another rock.

Flesh and blood could never withstand such formidable power.

An excited smile appeared on his face. Chu Li had to suppress the urge to laugh loudly as he imagined the faces of Tan Hu and Meng Wu being hit by this flying blade.

He circulated the eighth level of the blade technique again and another blade in his hand vanished in a flash. A moment later, it reappeared directly in the huge rock twenty meters away from him and a loud “ding” could be heard echoing from within the rock, after which both flying blades cut through the huge rock.

Chu Li appeared in front of the flying blades in the blink of an eye and the two flying blades flew into his outstretched hand.

He studied these two flying blades closely and found them to be as good as new and totally undamaged.

As Chu Li fiddled with two blades, he realized that he would not be able to shield himself against them. With such flying blades, how many people in the world could stand in his way?

However, the Saint had also cultivated this technique and his skills were pale in comparison to hers.

At dawn the next day, Li Ruolan came gliding over again with two boxes in her hands. One of them was his lunchbox while the other was a dark purple box, the size of a palm. She handed the purple box to Chu Li. “The Saint has given you these additional blades called Blizzard.”

Chu Li opened the box and found six small blades. They were as thin as cicada’s wings and were smaller and narrower compared to the ones he had received earlier.

“You can hide these between your fingers,” Li Ruolan said.

Chu Li picked up one of the blades and held it between his index and middle fingers. It remained well-hidden just as she had said.

Li Ruolan took out another thin booklet from her inner pocket and gave it to Chu Li. “The Saint said that it’ll be enough for you to cultivate until the eighth level, but it’ll definitely be better if you can master it completely. The Saint has just perfected her mastery of the technique last month too and this secret manual was the key to her success.”

As Chu Li reached out and took it from her, he saw the three words “Energy Regeneration Technique” written on the front page.

He read through it and noticed that it was a technique for channeling vital essence instead of a martial arts heart technique.

This technique of channeling vital essence was usually a type of health technique meant for building up one’s physical fitness, so it was different from a martial arts heart technique. Those who needed to cultivate such a health technique were typically people who had yet to build any form of basis since the vital essence that channeled through this type of heart technique was the mildest.

After having gone through the manual once, a sudden realization occurred to Chu Li and he gasped in admiration. “The Saint is indeed very intelligent!”

He had been stuck at the eighth level because he could not find a way to cultivate the ninth level. Upon seeing this technique, he knew at once that he had guessed it correctly. He needed to integrate a third type of inner energy, but the type of inner energy required here had to be drawn from a health technique.

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