Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Dilemma

The Lord of Total Distortion.

As one of the three strongest Evil Kings, he had ruled over his territory, the Chaos Demonic Sea for a very long time.

His understanding and study of this boundless ocean far surpassed all other evil creatures.

Following his order, a piece of Demon Dragon nail was hung high on top of the ship’s sail.

———although this piece of nail only came from a Demon Dragon larvae, it still had a strong deterrent effect.

Within the Chaos Demonic Sea, no demonic sea creature would take the initiative to offend a Demon Dragon bloodkin.

Because any creature that had the Demon Dragon’s bloodline would definitely carry an unimaginably powerful ability.

And there was another more important reason.

The sea monsters were afraid that they would be infected by the Demon Dragon’s blood and become a Demon Dragon bloodkin themselves.

Indeed, the Demon Dragon’s blood had a characteristic that allowed it to spread and infect others.

Once a creature’s body was infected by the Demon Dragon’s blood, the very essence of their life would change.

——–they would become a Demon Dragon larvae, obtain a more powerful Mystic-type ability and become a sovereign within this ocean.

But that wasn’t anything to be glad about.

Every few hundred thousand years, the Demon Dragon would awaken once.

Whenever it did, the creatures corroded by the Demon Dragon’s blood would be guided by a mysterious force and gather.

At that time, the Demon Dragon would devour all the larvae and absorb the mature crystallization of their power.

After it devoured enough, it would return to sleep.

But if it didn’t

The Wraith Realm would become its picnic place.

For the demonic sea creatures, becoming a Demon Dragon bloodkin meant the same as accepting their deaths.

Unless somehow they could use the Demon Dragon’s blood to rapidly evolve and become a creature more powerful than the Demon Dragon itself within a few hundred thousand years.

That way, they would be able to defeat the awoken Demon Dragon and even absorb the Demon Dragon’s power.

The winner would become the new Demon Dragon!

But, that had never happened, not even once.

That was why the ancient demonic sea creatures of the Chaos Demonic Sea didn’t want to risk having to fight with the Demon Dragon to the death just because of an impulse to become stronger.

Their own lifespans could easily reach several ten million years.

Right now, as the giant sailboat resumed its voyage, the Demon Dragon’s aura drifted all over from the top of the sail.

The more powerful a demonic sea creature was, the further they would move away from the ship.

The Lord of Total Distortion lost some of his subordinates at the very beginning of his journey but gained the Demon Dragon nails instead for a surprisingly smooth trip.

He was quite pleased with this.

For Gu Qing Shan, this was also good news.

Without needing to stop and fight, the voyage became a safe and long journey, which made it convenient for him to focus on his own matters.

——-for example, preparing seafood in the kitchen’s lake.

Without him needing to do much, he already obtained 30,000 Soul Points.

The necessary 200,000 Soul Points were quickly gathered.

After that

210,000 Soul Points.

280,000 Soul Points.

370,000 Soul Points

400,000 Soul Points!

Although the jade gourd pendant would occasionally jump out asking for Soul Points, Gu Qing Shan’s reserve was steadily increasing.

6 days later.

The ship was still advancing along the Chaos Demonic Sea.

But from this point onwards, the lazy feeling that filled the ship completely vanished.

The Lord of Total Distortion had already donned his personal armor and took direct command, issuing orders one after another.

As the ship moved forward, his expression gradually became more serious.

Some evil creatures who couldn’t quite adjust their state of mind in time were directly shoved into the cathedral’s walls.

Even a Ruler-class evil creature was publicly executed right in front of everyone.

The Evil King’s attitude shocked everyone.

No one knew what exactly their master was so wary of.

But they understood something clearly.

The real storm was coming.

Gu Qing Shan finished preparing the final sea creature and stood up.

You’ve worked hard, sir Ruler one of the fiend chefs said.

“Ah, it’s fine, I need to do this to activate my ability, you don’t have to thank me” Gu Qing Shan smiled and replied.

Another evil creature gave him a friendly reminder: After leaving this place, please remember to wear your armor, otherwise it wouldn’t be good if you were found out

“Hm, I know”

There was a lot that fellow chefs could talk to each other about, and for the last few days, their impression of this powerful Ruler who could kill a Demon Dragon slowly became better, to the point of feeling such concerns for him.

Gu Qing Shan bid these evil creatures who loved cooking as much as he did and left the kitchen.

He took out the Lapis Card [Black Smog Armor] and lightly waved it.

The set of smoking black armor attached to his body and completely obscured his figure.

——I still don’t know what the Lord of Total Distortion is so wary of, but it’s better to be cautious.

Gu Qing Shan was thinking as he walked towards the banquet hall.

It would soon be time for the Evil King’s dinner.

The group of several dozen chefs would soon get the food ready to be served, so he must rush there and wait for the Lord of Total Distortion to arrive.

A few moments later.

The banquet hall.

Many evil creatures have gathered here.

——-only the strongest evil creatures on the ship were allowed to enter the banquet hall.

As they saw Gu Qing Shan approaching with this black armor, some evil creatures greeted him.

The Silent Ruler also nodded at him.

It was quite easy for evil creatures to get along———– as long as they weren’t constantly plotting and scheming to devour one another whole, they were normally fine.

A few moments later.

The Lord of Total Distortion appeared.

As soon as he showed up, countless smoking hot dishes filled the long dining table.

Today, the Lord of Total Distortion didn’t immediately begin his meal.

Does anyone know where we are currently heading?

He asked all the evil creatures.

All of them felt truly glad to hear that.

Finally, it was time for master to reveal our destination.

The secretary spoke up first:

Master, with our current speed, we would reach the Wood Bristles

The Wood Bristles.

Historically, this was the furthest that the evil creatures could sail on their ships.

A single giant demonic tree grew here, its roots grew over ten million meters from the seabed to finally reach the surface of the ocean and form an island of lush greenery.

Its roots happened to also grow at the very edge of the Ocean Abyss——– going further than this and the ocean would become so deep that there was no way for anyone to reach the seabed again.

No evil creature could go past this place and continue to explore.

For evil creatures, the area that went further than this might as well be completely blank.

——because a demonic sea creature’s favorite food was and has always been evil creatures. The areas where no one could reach the seabed were dubbed the Ocean Abyss, which belonged to hundred-million-year-old supreme ancient sea creatures, this entire place was their backyard.

Demonic sea creatures that surpassed 100 million years old were not only unimaginably strong, they also knew many secrets, they were smart, and above all, they knew how to avoid the corrosion of the Demon Dragon’s blood.

Within the boundless Ocean Abyss, even a ship with Demon Dragon strapped all over it couldn’t guarantee survival.

Against such ancient creatures, the only thing that the evil creatures could do was to avoid them.

Indeed, three days later, we will reach the Wood Bristles, where we will set up camp and rest

Which means, from today onwards, we have entered truly dangerous waters

Those of you here are the strongest fiend and devils on this ship, I order you all to be on constant guard. You are to form teams following the provided list and patrol the waters in a 300 miles radius around the ship at all times

If any of you see anything out of the ordinary, before anything else —— kill!

The Lord of Total Distortion told him.

Hearing that, the evil creatures felt dejected again.

The master still didn’t tell us exactly what he wanted to do.

He only ordered to kill.

But kill what?

Demonic sea creatures?

Seems like he won’t reveal the truth until the very last moment.

The list was soon announced.

The Lord of Total Distortion had split the most powerful evil creatures into a total of 10 squads.

The evil creatures immediately went into action.

The first squad began their patrol right away.

The other squads are to rest in their own rooms and keep up their peak state until it was their shift.

Gu Qing Shan was put into the second-to-last squad.

It wouldn’t be the second-to-last squad’s turn to patrol until dawn of the next day.

He returned to his room and silently waited.

Time slowly passed.

Gu Qing Shan put the swordsmanship jade tag in his hand down and sighed.

I can now control 700 flying swords and even perform Secret Arts with them at once.

But it’s so hard to converge all of that power into a single strike.

As for my cultivation———

His gaze fell onto the [Kindling] UI.

The progress bar that only went up to 200,000 Soul Points was now overflowing, reaching around 510,000.

Unfortunately, if I don’t complete the current Quest to level up once, I wouldn’t be able to make the [Demon King Order] evolve even if I have the Soul Points for it.

The Wind and Fire Double Tribulation.

This was the first time in both lives that Gu Qing Shan had to face a Fire Tribulation.

He was extremely cautious, made ample preparations, and even made sure he was at his peak state.

But he was in an awkward situation——-

He couldn’t break through right now.

Because this was the Chaos Demonic Sea.

Even a gust of wind rattling a blade of grass would be immediately noticed by these evil creatures.

Let alone a human cultivator breaking through!

What do you call a human cultivator who had the gall to come to the Primordial Wraith Realm, go into an Evil King’s territory, and face his Tribulation right in front of this Evil King’s face?

A man wishing for death.

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