Wortenia Senki Book 6 Chapter 8

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After feeling a faint human presence, Ryouma woke up from his sleep.

He checked for the dagger he hides under the pillow.

However, this place was the most guarded in Epiroz , despite the situation not being fully under his control yet.

This room was also the bedchamber of Mikoshiba Ryouma, with a shadow guarding it.

No one could easily visit this place, not even for Bolts and Lione.

That was because there was also guards who performed their night duties.

Which only left a.s.sa.s.sins or the remnants of a dream.

For Ryouma, even with such tight security, he never let himself lower his guard.

Learning from history, no matter how tight the security was, if one were to lose caution, then one might die.

(I need to protect myself.)

In historical j.a.pan, n.o.bunaga carved his name nicely as the champion of the warring states.

However, even such a great warrior who unified j.a.pan, he was killed by his own confidant at Honnoji.

There were many mysteries regarding that incident.

Many various opinions also existed regarding those mysteries. It was said at that time n.o.bunaga was the leader, but the army that protected him at that time didnt even number 1,000 men.

As an influential person and conqueror at that time, such a number was too small.

Since the Oda family had controlled almost half of j.a.pan, if he wanted to, he should have been able to mobilize around 10,000 soldiers to guard him.

But, Oda n.o.bunaga didnt do that.

Of course, whether or not he could foresee the Akechi Mitsuhide rebellion was a delicate subject.

At that time, Kyouto was also under the Oda clans influence.

While it might be true that he was unable to foresee the rebellion, it was true that n.o.bunaga actions during time was weird.

From Ryouma perspective, n.o.bunaga was just being arrogant and careless.

Which is also proof that there is no absolute safety.

Perhaps that was what n.o.bunaga also thought?

No matter, what was important was not to underestimate any possibility.

My lord Im sorry to disturb you like this

From the corner of the room, a shadow began moving.

Genou is it? Did you have something?

Ryouma asked a question to Genou immediately.

Yes As my lord had expected.

I see Recently Im happy that we could eat something other than monsters from the Wortenia peninsula, but other than that, nothing Good had happened all this time Did you find something interesting?

Asked by Ryouma, Genou raises his body up.

May I?

Sure, wait a moment

Ryouma then raised his body from the bed and lit the candle placed at his bedside.

This is what that man was holding.

Ryouma quickly checked the content of the paper he received.

What was written there was a detailed map of Northern Rozeria with Epiroz at the center. Ed-for consistency sake, (and I'm asking not telling) northern Rozeria is a region within the northern part of Rozeria and not a formal state/province, correct?

It was a very detailed map, which could be mean it was for military uses.

It was an item that one could never find in the General store.

I see As expected, a spy from somewhere huh?

A Big sigh leaked from Ryoumas mouth.

It was he felt discomfort from the mans words that Ryouma apparently sent someone to investigate, which turned out to be a good decision.

(Geez The c.o.c.kroaches never die)

It was that reality that was making Ryouma want to sigh so heavily.

Since Ryouma had taken control, the city of Epiroz had become a place where spies gathered and traded information.

And based on Oumes report, the spies who tried to enter the Wortenia peninsula had doubled in numbers.

Fortunately Sirius city was perfectly protected by geographical factors, but unfortunately, Epiroz was not like that.

(Well, since Genou is the one who handles the security detail, it should be fine)

No matter how tight your security was, some information bound to leak someday.

Just because that was true, it didnt mean one should relax with no countermeasures in place at all.

It was essential for one to aim for perfection.

It was also necessary to prepare some sort of measures in the case of information leaked.

(Now then The problem is, where did this spy come from?)

The most likely suspect would be Queen Lupis or some aristocrats loyal to her.

Ryouma noticed something else that started making him worried.

( A mix of Roman numerals and Arabic numerals huh?)

The language of this world was quite different compared to Ryoumas world.

Naturally, the letters and numbers were also different, but fortunately, the summoned people seem to be given the ability to understand them.

That was why Ryouma could talk casually with Gaies, who summoned him back then.

Such translation also happened when he read and wrote letters

That was why Ryouma never felt inconvenienced with communication.

Since the language between the two worlds was basically different and the people born in this world should be using the language of this world

(Which meant, there are only two possibilities)

A descendant or someone who was born under the same stars as Ryouma.

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