Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Mohan Do You Have Feelings For Tang Moer?

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Gu Mohans pupils contracted after realizing that the person dancing was Anan.

Anans body was supple and every dance move that she performed was graceful and enchanting.

The performance was accompanied with a beautiful piano sounds in the background, it must have been Lin Shiyu.

Only Lin Shiyu would be able to play such a beautiful piece and captivate everyones attention.

Mr John had also stopped walking, the music had gained his traction and he turned around to look at the screen.

Anans dance performance was almost coming to an end and at that moment, the lights were all switched on. The crystal stage was lit up with dazzling stage lights and a delicate figure slowly appeared.

Tang Moer had appeared under the spotlight. She was dressed in a long red gown and the contrasting red color only worked to enhance her ravishing beauty. She walked along the stage with poise as the spotlight followed her.

Her hand was occupied with a brocade jewelry box and the Star of the Ocean was placed inside.

It was Tang Moers personal runway.

She appeared in front of everyone gracefully and the train of her red gown glided across the crystal stage as she strode down the runway. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Mr John was stunned. He took two steps forward and his wrinkly face was filled with excitement.

He recalled the scene a few decades ago, a woman named Lin Xuanji also wore a red gown as she walked down the runway.

That runway had taken everyone back, setting a legacy for Lin Xuanji.

Lin Xuanji had reassured him, Mr John, if you invest in me, itd be a deal with guaranteed success. Ill make sure to help you achieve a breakthrough in the jewelry industry, well go international.

Lin Xuanji

It was Lin Xuanji again

Gu Mohan stood alone in the airport lobby, his gaze fixated on the stunning figure on the runway. It turned out she had prepared a personal runway show.

The bold red color formed a perfect contrast against her snow white skin. The long gown accentuated her feminine curves and when she walked down the runway, she was ravishing.

At that same moment, in the Lus villa, in the study room.

Lu Jinwen had both hands in his pockets while looking at the laptop screen. The bold red gown that Tang Moer was wearing and the flashes of red in his memories had finally aligned.

Many years had passed and after all this time, he had actually forgotten about how that woman looked like.

But now, he had recalled everything. He recalled every single memory he had of her, her every action and every smile.

The memories crashed into his mind with a force he couldnt hold back. He remembered that red figure from so many years ago, the one he had spotted after lifting the bead curtain. He could never forget that scene.

But the door was opened abruptly and Lin Xuanyin entered the study room. Jinwen, Ive made you a bowl of double-boiled snow fungus lotus soup. Have it while its still warm.

Lu Jinwen didnt have any reaction, he didnt seem to have noticed her presence.

Jinwen Lin Xuanyin called him again. She walked in front and checked out what Lu Jinwen was looking at.

Crash! The bowl that was in her hands, fell to the carpeted ground, its contents spilling all over the floor.

That red figure, Lin Xuanji!

Lin Xuanji had come back!

Even though Lin Xuanji wasnt physically present, she had never left. She lived in everyones memories.

Mr John had changed his mind, he would renew the contract with DHA Diamonds indefinitely.

At night, the Lus held a private party just for Mr John.

A Rolls-Royce Phantom was parked on the lawn, Gu Mohan had brought Jun Xiyan with him and after they got out of the car, he noticed Tang Moer at first glance.

Tang Moer was still dressed in that red gown and her hair was in an updo, revealing her delicate, swan-like neck. A pair of dazzling pearl earrings adorned her ears, amplifying her beauty.

Two women were standing beside Tang Moer. Lin Shiyu and Anan.

Lin Shiyu was dressed in an turquoise-colored gown with her wavy hair draped over her shoulders. The color complemented her youthful aura and she was jaw-dropping.

The legend of Tang Moer in the south and Lin Shiyu in the north had appeared in the Capital and easily captured the attention of the crowd.

Anan wore a pink gown and her long hair was styled into rose braids. She was an 18 year old who was radiating the charm of a young woman and didnt lose out to Tang Moer and Lin Shiyu even when she stood beside them.

Gu Mohans gaze was fixated on Tang Moer, he couldnt help himself.

This woman had surprised him many times over.

He could hear some urgent footsteps. Hurry, lets go and take a look at Tang Moer and Lin Shiyu, whove arrived from Karghalik and also, Miss Anan. Theyre going to make their appearance today.

The few men quickly swarmed into the lobby.

Gu Mohan glanced at the men. The people invited to the party were all part of the high society, many of them were talented youths. Their gazes were all fixated on Tang Moer, Lin Shiyu and Anan and they were sizing the ladies up.


Gu Mohan quickly knitted his brows, he clearly wasnt pleased.

Jun Xiyan lifted her head and looked in Gu Mohans eyes, asking, Mohan, did you plan the runway show that happened earlier on in the day?

Gu Mohan shook his head. No,it was Tang Moer.

Jun Xiyan was impressed by Tang Moer. She continued, The runway show was filmed and uploaded online, it rose through the popularity charts of Weibo and its extremely relevant right now. The current queen of the music industry, Lin Shiyu, Miss Anans dance performance, and Tang Moers beautiful catwalk. Theyve totally nailed it and have put the socialites in the Capital to shame. They are known as the Three Gems of the Capital now.

Tang Moer has brought DHA Diamonds out onto the public eye once again. Mohan, to be frank with you, I really admire Tang Moer. She used to be a popular female star who had both looks and the acting skills and now that she has turned to jewelry design, shes performing well too. Shes the kind of women who would bring you many surprises and men would totally fall for her.

Mohan, have you fallen for Tang Moer? Jun Xiyan asked.

After hearing her question, Gu Mohan turned his head around and looked at Jun Xiyan. He pursed his lips and shook his head, denying it. I dont have feelings for her.

He didnt have feelings for Tang Moer.

He told himself that, trying hard to convince himself.

Jun Xiyan could only laugh it off. Mohan, I trust you.

Shiyu, Anan, Ill have to thank you for your help this time. Tang Moer held Lin Shiyu and Anans hands.

Lin Shiyu smiled. Moer, I have to thank you instead. Im releasing my new album soon and youve managed to get me all this hype with such good timing.

It wasnt merely hype, it was the only thing on the news and their popularity was skyrocketing to unprecedented heights.

Tang Moer winked playfully. Shiyu, its a win-win relationship for us.

Anan turned around and spotted Gu Mohan together with Jun Xiyan. She greeted him, Brother, youre finally here.

Tang Moer lifted her eyes, she had also spotted Gu Mohan, and Jun Xiyan who was interlocking her arm with his.

They were behaving intimately just like a couple would. Tang Moer couldnt help it, and her luminous eyes were clouded and downcast after witnessing the scene.

Jun Xiyan was his legitimate fiance after all. It wasnt wrong for her to appear alongside him at official events like todays party.

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