Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 649

Chapter 649 Lets Talk About Love 8

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The door was closed and only a small gap was left open. After removing his clothes, he began to take a shower.

The cold water had drenched him from head to toe and he was silent, even more so than his usual self. All he did was bathe himself.

All that was heard was the sound of water dripping.

Anan felt something warm on her cheeks, it turns out her tears had trickled down unknowingly. She bit down on her lower lip with her teeth, trying hard to control herself and not make any sound.

She hated him so much inside, he was fooling around with a prostitute but she just couldnt help herself. She felt a twinge in her chest seeing him in such a state, her heart was aching for him.

It was as though a needle had pierced right through her heart, she couldnt help but want to curl up and cry because it hurt so much.

What was wrong with him?

What had happened to him?

How did he even get so many wounds on his body?

Wasnt he still serving a jail sentence? Why was he here in Miaojiang?

It was impossible not to notice his current living conditions. He was merely serving a jail sentence, the court didnt even confiscate his wealth; and even if they really did, he had his ways of getting money in his hands. Why did he have to live so pathetically?

Was he trying to act pitiful?

He knew for a fact that her heart would ache if she saw him like this.

Anan closed the room door and stepped inside. She placed the tray on the table and sat on his bed.

They finally got to meet each other and he had become so different she could hardly recognize him. But it appeared that this was the true him, with all his masks removed.

But the cold hard truth was hard to ignore. In the end, there was something that remained the same. Despite everything, he still enjoyed fooling around with women.

She couldnt understand, why was he such a womanizer?

Lu Yan took a cold shower and wrapped a towel around his waist before stepping outside the bathroom. He had forgotten to bring some clean clothes with him.

The clean clothes were placed beside the bed.

He walked over to reach for the clothes but he noticed a lithe figure sitting on his bed. Anan hadnt left.

She was still sitting on the bed, dressed in her luxurious, lacy dress. Amongst such decrepit surroundings, she stood out like a blooming rose in the wastelands.

His fringe had covered his bloodshot eyes and he crouched down to reach for the clothes.

But a tiny hand reached over even quicker and took away his clothes.

Lu Yan lifted his head and demanded, Return me my clothes!

No. Anan glanced at his brawny figure, Do you still need clothes? I dont think that you need them anymore. A man like you should be stripped naked and paraded around, so you can have a taste of the punishments given to women in the past!

Women in the past were usually stripped naked and paraded along the streets when they committed adultery or anything of that sort.

Lu Yan glared at her, his gaze piercing.

Anans gaze shifted down, landing on the towel around his waist. Do you dare to take this piece of fig leaf away and let me see for myself how big you are down there, to the point where women will throw themselves at you?

She emphasized how big he was down there.

Lu Yan glared at her, not uttering a single word. He merely walked over and sat on the chair, beginning to dress his own wound.

Since she didnt allow him to have any dinner, he ended up not eating anything.

Since she didnt allow him to dress himself, he ended up not wearing anything.

She was venting all of her pent up anger on him and he allowed her to do it.

Anan on the contrary felt annoyed that he wasnt retaliating, no matter how hard she tried to provoke him.

She could only watch as he dressed his own wounds. His chest was covered with injuries and he placed the herbs on his wounds.

There were injuries on his back too and he only handled those that he could reach. As for the rest, he just let them be.

As she sat there, Anan couldnt help but look at his body. The gruesome-looking wounds didnt make his body any less attractive. On the contrary, he seemed even more sexy.

It was no wonder many women were throwing themselves at him, his figure was enough for them to go head over heels for him.

He was just like one of those men in foreign movies, his muscles strong and defined. He had an eight pack and his perfectly-tanned skin made them even more prominent, he has some chest hair and his legs were long. He was simply irresistible and oozing with charisma.

On the other hand, compared with her peers, Anan was very feeble and she wasnt very tall at 1.65m. When she stood beside him, just like a little girl beside a muscular gangster.

Anans hands curled up, she knew that her body wasnt attractive to him.

He very much preferred those with an hourglass figure and a large, voluptuous chest.

That was probably why he always looked for women outside.

After Lu Yan finished dressing his wounds, he sat on the bed and then lay down beside her.

Closing his eyes, his eyelashes were lowered and he prepared to sleep.

He was going to sleep?

How dare he just fall asleep?

Anan removed her heels and kicked his thigh. Did I even allow you to sleep? Youre not allowed to sleep, get up right now!

Lu Yan was back facing her, his body leaning far away from her. After being kicked by her, his voice was low and sounded sluggish. Stop kicking up a fuss. Im a little tired, just let me sleep.

Tired? Why werent you tired when you were with that woman earlier?

He didnt answer her.

Anan leaned forward, preparing to pull the towel around his waist down.

But she didnt manage to do it, he had moved faster than her and grasped her wrist.

He yanked on her wrist and Anan fell onto his chest.

Her trembling eyes met with his fierce ones and he threatened her, Anan, Im warning you now. Youd better stop, hm?

One of her wrists was grasped by him and so she placed her other hand on his chest and lifted her head. Master Yan, if Im not planning to stop, what are you going to do to mmmgh!

Lu Yan suddenly lifted his head and kissed her deeply.

He sucked on her lips, pushing past them in an instant.

Anans eyelashes fluttered, she quickly turned her head away and avoided his kiss.

Her sweet lips had escaped and he didnt want to give up, he wanted to kiss her again.

Her wrist was being held by him and so she couldnt escape, no matter what she did. Her brows were knitted as she looked at him, his beard wasnt shaved and he appeared so masculine as he furrowed his brows while kissing her.

Lu Yan! Anan shouted.

Lu Yan stopped everything he was doing, their faces were so close together and their breaths entangled. His gaze was fixed on her beautiful lips and he smiled. Anan, youve learned how to play hard to get now? Youve entered my room, got on my bed and even stopped me from wearing my clothes. Arent these all hints? Are you playing with me?

Now that youve got me interested, youre not willing to do anything?

Anan felt as though a tub of icy cold water had drenched her from head to toe. An overwhelming feeling of disappointment crashed on her like a tidal wave and she felt sick to the stomach.

So that was what he thought of her.

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