Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Lets Talk About Love 9

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Anans pupils couldnt stop contracting, she looked at Lu Yan in disbelief. He shouldnt behave like this.

Li Junxun stretched out his hand, removing the towel around his waist and he threw it on the bed. Anan, my good girl, just relax. Ill make sure to satisfy you tonight, once youve been screwed by me, youll know that Li Junxun is just a kid who cant pleasure you.

Anan lifted her hand, wanting to give him a slap.

But Lu Yan managed to grab her wrist in mid-air, he kissed her and his voice was husky. If you dare to give me another slap, Ill make sure to f*ck you hard tonight!

Anan retracted her hand, her eyes red and watery as she shouted, Lu Yan, just go and find your prostitute!

She then opened the room door and ran outside.

She had left.

She had finally left.

The delicate body that was originally in his arms was gone. Lu Yan stared at the ceiling in a daze, he continued doing so for a few seconds before he finally laughed at himself, closing his eyes and going to sleep.

Just let it be.

It was none of her business which woman he fooled around with and hed also ignore whatever man she hung around.

Dont ever seduce me again.

He could never control himself around her.

The second day, Lu Yans fever was still persistent and refused to go down. His body was burning hot one moment, yet icy cold in the next moment. He had a high fever for the entire day.

Li Si and An Xi were anxious seeing him in such a state. All of these years, Lu Yan had always been in good health and didnt fall sick frequently. They didnt anticipate him to be so feeble this time.

He lay on the cold wooden bed for the entire day and was semi-unconscious. His body temperature had only went down by 2 degrees celsius to 40 degrees.

They then heard some people scurrying outside. Bad news! Miss Tang and Miss Anan had gone missing, they seem to have disappeared together.

Lets hurry up and go search for them, they are both VIPs. Even if we turn Miaojiang upside down, we must find them at all costs! If not, were going to be in big trouble.

Its already so dark, lets hope Miss Tang and Miss Anan dont encounter any wolves. Its said that many wolves are around this area, the only thing on their minds is to devour humans!

The maids footsteps were getting further away.

The room door was opened, Li Si and An Xi had entered.

An Xi looked at the man on the bed and asked softly, Brother Li, is the missing person, Anan, the girl that Brother Ah Yan likes?

An Xi! Li Si exclaimed, preventing her from saying more.

There was pandemonium outside already, Tang Moer and Anan had gone missing at the same time and everyone was searching for them.

Li Si didnt wish for Lu Yan to hear the news. They could not afford any risks and he was afraid that Lu Yan would go outside and look for Anan if he even heard an inkling of the news.

With his current physical condition, he would be considered lucky if he managed to stay alive.

An Xi instantly shut up and when the both of them saw that Lu Yan was still asleep, they left the room quietly.

When the room fell silent again, Lu Yan slowly opened his eyes.

Tang Moer gradually opened her eyes, she had only realized that she was sleeping in a tent only after looking at her surroundings for a few moments.

Where was she?

Tang Moer sat up and noticed there was someone else beside her, it was Anan.

Anan, wake up, hurry up and wake up! Tang Moer shook Anans body.

Anan had also opened her eyes. Little sister-in-law, where are we?

I have no idea

Someone entered the tent. Miss Tang, Miss Anan, are you guys awake already?

Tang Moer and Anan lifted their eyes. Young Master Meng, its you?

It was Meng Che.

Meng Ches lecherous gaze was on them both, he rubbed his palms together and almost started drooling. Youre right, its me.

Tang Moer instantly realized that something wasnt right, her face instantly turning disdainful as she sneered, Young Master Meng, why did you abduct us and bring us here so late at night? Am I wrong to say that youre coveting our beauty and youre trying to do something to us?

Meng Che was stupefied, he didnt anticipate Tang Moer to expose all of his plans already. Miss Tang, Miss Anan, since you already know whats up my sleeves, you should be smart enough to know that any struggle is of no use. Youll suffer less if you just choose to be good. Come on, let me kiss you.

Meng Che pounced towards them.

Tang Moer and Anan escaped in different directions and Meng Che didnt manage to kiss any of them.

Meng Ches face darkened since he didnt manage to kiss either of them and his eyes blazed as he threatened them warningly, Miss Tang, Miss Anan, since you two are not being cooperative, I can only order someone to tie you two up. Youve only brought this upon yourselves.

Tang Moer looked at Meng Che. Young Master Che, were your guests, how dare you try to sexually assault us? Are you not afraid that youll bring Miaojiang down?

Thats right, Young Master Meng. Anan smirked as she looked at Meng Ches pants. If you dare lay your hands on my little sister-in-law, when my brother finds us, youll cry when he castrates you and feeds your d*ck to the dogs!

Meng Che didnt anticipate these two women to be so calm and composed even after he abducted them. If it were any other women, they would probably be crying and begging him, allowing him to do anything he wanted to them.

Recalling Gu Mohans deep and narrow eyes, Meng Che suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

But his sexual desires were already overcoming his brain, he was no longer thinking with his head. These two beauties were constantly appearing before him and he was already yearning for them in his dreams every night.

If he could have some fun with them, itd be more satisfying than anything else in the world.

Meng Che humphed in contempt. This is my territory, Im the young master of Miaojiang. Whoever dares to lay their hands on me, Im going to make sure they learn their lesson and they wont return home in one piece!

Meng Che then pointed at them. Whos going to remove her clothes first?

Tang Moer looked at Anan and they signaled each other. Young Master Meng, werent you planning on having fun together? Well take our clothes off at the same time.

Tang Moer then started removing her overcoat.

Ha, haha, little beauty, youre intelligent. I like it!

Tang Moer removed her overcoat and threw it over Meng Ches head. Meng Che was distracted by it, he could only smell a heavenly scent overcoming his senses. He quickly drew it close to his face, breathing in her scent.

Tang Moer then pounced over, grabbing his head and Meng Che stumbled back. At the same time, Anan found a stick and hit the back of his head.


He fell to the ground and blacked out.

Tang Moer quickly picked up her overcoat and Anan kicked Meng Che twice. Scumbag. Meng Che was just like a dead pig, he was unconscious and had no reaction.

Young Master Meng, you cant even handle one woman and youre daring enough to challenge two women? Please dont attempt such dangerous actions! Tang Moer held onto Anans hand and they got out of the tent.

Meng Ches underlings were guarding outside the tent and Tang Moer and Anan tried to escape without them noticing.

Stay right there! An underling had discovered them.

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