Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Xu Youning Please Stay

There was no daylight in the room. After a sleep, Xu Youning woke up, but she didnt know what time it was.

Therefore, she wondered if Mu Sijue was real when she saw him, just like the way she wondered whether her grandmother was willing to forgive her.

All the people who were locked there would be killed by Mu Sijue at any time. She thought, Mu Sijue wouldnt deign to come here. Why did he appear in my room?

Get up, Mu Sijue said in a cold voice, staring at Xu Youning with a poker face.

Xu Youning thought for a while, lying on the bed without a movement. She smiled and looked right into Mu Sijues eyes. I dont have to obey you.

He thought, Does she think that she can do whatever she wants because she has revealed herself?

Mu Sijue narrowed his deep eyes with a murderous look, then he grabbed Xu Younings hand to pull her up and said, Xu Youning, you have to obey me as long as youre still in my territory.

Xu Youning shrugged and gave him a disapproving look. What if I dont?

Mu Sijue sneered. You have no choice but to obey me.

She thought, D*mn! Hes too arrogant!

With that, Xu Youning asked leisurely, Whats the matter?

Two questions for you, Mu Sijue said.

Xu Youning replied oh and said, Ill answer you if I feel like it.

Mu Sijue ignored Xu Younings provocation. He stared at her with his torch-like eyes and asked, Why did you hand me the piece of bomb debris that you found at Fanting Garden? Kang Ruicheng went out of his way to blow up a row of buildings there just to bring the Lu Enterprises reputation to the ground. Why did you help Lu Enterprises in return?

Because I felt sorry for Jianan, Xu Youning said, Now you know that I am the mole. You should also know that I handed a document to Kang Ruicheng. It almost led to Jianan and Lu Boyans divorce. My target was you alone; no matter what happened, I would never think of hurting Jianan. I didnt expect that he would threaten Jianan with the document and force her to divorce Lu Boyan before I handed it to Kang Ruicheng. Back then, Jianan almost miscarried, so I owed her. I had to hand over the piece of bomb debris to prove that Lu Enterprises was innocent.

With that, Xu Youning recalled something. She stared at Mu Sijue with disbelief and asked, Back then, you only asked me to investigate the collapse site again. You did it on purpose, didnt you?

You guessed it, Mu Sijue gave her a faint smile and said, You made the right choice back then.

Xu Youning felt her back grow cold and sweaty.

She realized that Mu Sijue had already known her true identity back then. He asked her to investigate again just to give her the chance to redeem herself.

She wondered, If I hadnt handed over the explosive that I found at Fanting Garden back then, maybe I would have been shot dead by Mu Sijue.

Xu Youning calmed herself down to hide her astonishment, then she asked in her usual voice, You said you have two questions for me. Whats the second one?

A few months ago in City A, Kang Ruicheng asked his men to hunt and kill me. Back then, we were in the same car. You could have taken the chance to kill me, why did you save my life in the end? Mu Sijue looked calm with his eyes fixed on her, as if resigned to not hear an answer.

While he clenched his fists at his sides in silence.

If Xu Younings answer was what he was looking forward to, he would follow Aunt Zhous advice and open up to Xu Youning.

Xu Younings memories consumed her.

It had almost been half a year since the time they were hunted. However, it was still vivid in her memory.

It was the first time she had disobeyed Mu Sijues orders, saving him regardless of her safety, paying dearly in the hospital because of it.

However, she thought there was no need to tell Mu Sijue about that.

With that in mind, Xu Youning sneered and said with disdain, Mu Sijue, that was my trap. Didnt you see through it?

Mu Sijue was stunned for half a second. What?

It was a play just to trick you! Xu Youning said indifferently with a cold voice, Everyone knows that its not easy to gain your trust. So I came up with the weirdest idea. I joined hands with Kang Ruicheng and acted a play of the beauty saving a hero. After that I expressed my feelings for you because I thought that you would be moved.

As Mu Sijue suddenly tightened his fists, his knuckles pale as they protruded.

Xu Youning looked at Mu Sijue with a poker face and sneered as if laughing at herself. Unfortunately, I didnt know that you had already sniffed me out. Otherwise, I should have taken the opportunity to kill you back then! If you died, my grandmother wouldnt have been killed by you!

Mu Sijues eyes looked gloomy, filled with anger. He asked, You saved me, and you expressed your feelings for me. But all that was just a self-guided and self-acted play prepared by you, wasnt it?

What do you think it would be if it wasnt a play? Xu Youning looked Mu Sijue up and down, then she laughed out loud with sarcasm. Mu Sijue, dont tell me that you think its true. I heard that youve trained moles yourself, so you should know better than me that moles should abstain from falling in love with their targets. Do you think that I would make such a stupid mistake?

She appeared to be watching a colossal joke, with a disdainful and indifferent smile on her face. All of a sudden, Mu Sijue looked calm, as the anger in his eyes turned into coldness.

Fine then. Mu Sijue leaned toward Xu Youning, while the coldness in his eyes seemed able to freeze the air. Ah Guang told me that you want nothing but death. Let me help you.

Xu Youning looked into Mu Sijues eyes with a calm smile. Id be grateful.

She suddenly felt lucky that she had been trained to control and hide her emotions. Otherwise, if she cried at that moment, she would shame 28 generations of her ancestors.

Why did she want to cry?

Because Mu Sijue wanted to kill her, which she didnt want to accept.

In her eyes, although there was no real love between them, she had done many things for Mu Sijue, including giving herself to him. How could he decide to kill me without any hesitation?

D*mn! Mu Sijue is indeed cold-blooded. I shouldnt have expected him to have feelings.

When will you kill me? Xu Youning got out of bed as if nothing had happened. After a while, she said, Forget it. Youd better not tell me about it. I dont want to wait for that day.

Xu Youning had once confessed that she feared death dearly.

However, at that moment, she wasnt dying to live. Instead, she began to calmly face the fact that she was about to die.

Mu Sijue suddenly realized that Ah Guang was right. Xu Youning wanted to die.

He grabbed Xu Younings shoulders and abruptly pressed her against the wall.

Xu Youning widened her deer-like eyes and said, Seventh Brother, please dont bother to kill me yourself. Just ask your men to do it

While she was wondering, D*mn! How could I escape if Mu Sijue kills me here?

Jesus! I dont want to die!

Mu Sijues eyes were burning with anger as if they were going to burn Xu Youning down. He shouted, Xu Youning, you can whistle for that!

Before Xu Youning could figure out Mu Sijues words, her lips were covered by his. She looked as if having been struck by lightning, completely stunned

Mu Sijue seemed to be out of control. He parted Xu Younings upper and bottom teeth with his tongue and kissed her hard, regardless of her feelings.

Xu Youning subconsciously tried to push Mu Sijue away, without expecting that Mu Sijue would notice her intention. He easily held her hands with one arm and encircled her with the other, leaving no space between them.

It seemed that Mu Sijue was punishing Xu Youning. As he kissed harder and harder, she felt that there was less and less air left in her lungs.

She silently cursed, D*mn! What a dirty man!

Xu Youning freaked out. She quickly lifted her leg, but before she could kick Mu Sijue, she was held down by him. He let go of her lips and gazed at her as if he had a deep feeling for her. For a moment, the two were intimate.

Xu Youning soon realized that she and Mu Sijue shouldnt have done that, so she punched Mu Sijue right in the chest.

She thought that she could provoke Mu Sijue into fighting with her.

However, Mu Sijue remained unmoved. He simply gazed at her with a mysterious look, then he kissed her lips again and said, Xu Youning, I can give you a chance.

Xu Youning was surprised. Whats that?

Stay with me Mu Sijues voice sounded hoarse and deep, with a kind of inexplicable charm.

Xu Youning couldnt deny that the three words were enough to move her. She kept thinking, I will.

However, she couldnt be selfish.

Xu Youning suddenly came to her senses and pushed Mu Sijue away. She gave him a sarcastic look and said, Im offering you the same words you said just nowyou can whistle for that!

Mu Sijue narrowed his eyes and said, Xu Youning, its your last chance. It was also the last chance he was giving himself.

Before thinking it over, Xu Youning snorted and said, I know what you are thinking. Youll ask me to stay and promise to let me off, but your condition is that I betray Kang Ruicheng and tell you everything I know about him. Am I right?

After a long while, Mu Sijue asked, Is that all you can figure out?

Why else would you ask me to stay? Xu Youning said as if she wasnt interested in it at all. Forget it. I dont need to know. BecauseI wont promise you.

Mu Sijue:

Mu Sijue, why do you think that I would betray Kang Ruicheng? Not to mention that you are the murderer who killed my grandma. Xu Youning smiled with disdain. Youve overestimated yourself.

Sure enough, you adore Kang Ruicheng. Mu Sijue gave Xu Youning a cold smile, cupping her chin with his lean fingers. Unfortunately, Mexico was the last place you would ever get to see him.

With that, Mu Sijue released Xu Youning and left without looking back.

All he wanted was that Xu Youning could stay.

As long as she was willing to stay, he would let her live on, only if she lived under his nose forever.

As for the information she had about Kang Ruicheng, he didnt need it at all. With his and Lu Boyans abilities, it was just a matter of time before they found everything out.

However, in his eyes, Xu Youning was right. He had overestimated himself, and she was loath to stay with him for even one more second.

He thought to himself, In that case, she shouldnt expect to see Kang Ruicheng, either!



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