Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 619

Chapter 619 They Were Destined To Meet But Not To Stay With Each Other 2

"Youning, who hurt you?"

Hearing this question, Xu Youning was not stunned at all. She laughed to herself and said, "Mu Sijue." After a pause, she continued, "Im done. You can turn around."

Kang Ruicheng turned around and stared at Xu Youning with bright and sharp eyes. "You met Mu Sijue?"

Xu Youning spread out her hands naturally. "Yeah, such a bad luck. He also went to see Jianan. When I was hiding on the balcony, he found me."

"And then?" Kang Ruichengs voice was already gloomy and cold.

"Then, after sending someone to chase me, he came after me personally, and stabbed me," Xu Youning said lightly, "and finally, it was Lu Boyans assistant who rushed down, so he let me go. It should be Jianan who asked him to let me go."

Kang Ruicheng seemed a little upset. "I should have sent someone to protect you. When you saw Mu Sijue, did you recall your grandma again?"

Xu Youning didnt deny it. Instead, she said indifferently, "Yes. But Im not sad. I just feel regret."

Kang Ruicheng did not seem to understand. "Regret?"

"Yes, its a regret." Xu Younings eyes were filled with hatred. "I didnt guess wrong. Jianan wouldnt let Mu Sijue hurt me. In other words, it was a good chance to take revenge on Mu Sijue."

"Dont be silly." Kang Ruicheng calmly looked at Xu Youning and analyzed for her. "Su Jianan can stop Mu Sijue, but she cant stop Mu Sijues men. Its a correct decision for you to leave in time and not to stay too long with Mu Sijue."

Xu Youning sneered, with a bloodthirsty gleam in her beautiful eyes. "One day, Ill get back at Mu Sijue for my grandmas accidental death and this wound."

Kang Ruicheng put his hand on Xu Younings shoulder to comfort her. "Youre injured, so dont think too much. Take care of yourself first. Dont worry about other things for now. We wont make another move in a short time."

In fact, it was just because Kang Ruicheng completely believed in Xu Youning that there was no need to analyze Xu Younings behavior and signs to find out if she had returned to work against him.

If she really came back to work undercover, it was unlikely that Mu Sijue would stab her.

Of course, it was not that Kang Ruicheng didnt know the trick of self-injury.

However, he still knew Mu Sijues style. Mu Sijue, the awe-inspiring Brother Mu in City G, wouldnt play such a trick.

Whats more, when Xu Youning saw him just now, she had a sincere and glad smile on her face.

All of this, coupled with Xu Younings previous behavior, was enough to show that all his doubts were superfluous.

Therefore, it was time for Xu Youning to have a rest and return to her previous state. Only in that way could she handle everything in her best state when he was in the fight against Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue.

Xu Youning pretended to be obedient, but in fact, her mind had been wandering for a long time.

If she hadnt let go of him, Mu Sijue wouldnt have stabbed her.

But after Shen Yuechuan called Mu Sijue, she pretended to be absent-minded and let Mu Sijue stab her.

She knew that Kang Ruicheng had always suspected her, and with this wound, she had completely dispelled his doubts about her.

Of course, this did not mean that she could do whatever she wanted. According to Kang Ruichengs skeptical character, if there was anything wrong with her in the future, he would immediately suspect her. So, she had to continue to lurk around.

As for Mu Sijue

From the way he acted just now, it seemed like he really wanted to kill her.

But it was right. The most intolerable thing for him was cheating, not to mention that she was on Kang Ruichengs side.

In the future, even if she could help them to catch Kang Ruicheng, even if she could explain everything she had done to Mu Sijue, it must still be impossible for her to be with Mu Sijue.

They were destined to meet each other, but they were not destined to be with each other or fall in love.

She could do nothing about it.

Outside the car window, the scenery was bright and prosperous. The lights turned into streams passing by Xu Younings eyes, and she found that she had too many feelings.

What about Mu Sijue?

"He wont think so much, will he?"

In fact, the feelings Mu Sijue had in mind were no less than those of Xu Youning.

On the way back, Mu Sijue had been recalling the scenes in the hospital and vaguely felt something wrong.

Xu Younings hatred for him was real and strong. When she fought with him, every move of her really seemed to show the intention to kill himthere was nothing suspicious about it.

The most suspicious part was her injury.

Although there was a great disparity in strength between men and women, and Xu Youning was no match for him in strength, it was not completely impossible for her to block the knife at that time. Whats more, he didnt intend to really hurt her.

In the end, Shen Yuechuan suddenly appeared. She suddenly became absent-minded and loosened the strength in her hand. As a consequence, the knife in his hand stabbed her under inertia.

People who had been cruelly trained like Xu Youning were unlikely to be distracted just because of Shen Yuechuans appearance.

If she was distracted on purpose, then even her injury could be done on purpose.

But why did she do that?

An answer vaguely surfaced in Mu Sijues mind, but he subconsciously felt that it was impossible.

Xu Youning liked Kang Ruicheng so much that she would rather believe that it was Mu Sijue who had killed her grandmother than doubt him. How could she know the truth?

Besides, if she suspected Kang Ruicheng, how could she return to his side?

Maybe the truth was just that he was thinking too much. Xu Younings injury was just a coincidence. There was no need for him to doubt anything.

The car had been parked in front of the villa for a long time, but Mu Sijue who was in the back seat had been thinking about something. Ah Guang didnt intend to disturb him and could only quietly stay in the drivers seat.

After staying there for more than half an hour, Ah Guang felt that it was a waste of time, so he tentatively called Mu Sijue, "Seventh Brother, were back."

Mu Sijue came to his senses and found that the car had stopped at the gate of the villa. Looking at the time, it had been nearly two hours since they set out.

He frowned unhappily. "Why did you drive for so long?"

"No." Ah Guang said cautiously, "It has been more than half an hour since we came back, but I have never dared to ask you."

Mu Sijue looked at Ah Guang with unknown emotions. "Why?"

"" Ah Guang didnt dare to speak. He thought to himself, "You have to ask yourself what you were thinking about!"

Mu Sijue didnt wait for Ah Guangs reply. He opened the door, got out of the car, and walked straight back into the house.

After taking a shower, he looked around the bedroom of more than 50 square meters. Mu Sijue suddenly felt that the whole villa was weirdly empty.

In the beginning, he just wanted to have a foothold in City A. He could choose an apartment in downtown. Why did he choose such a big villa area in the suburbs?

However, what he wanted to know more was why he suddenly felt that the place was empty.

Before he brought Xu Youning with him, he had lived here for several times without feeling anything. When he had been here with Xu Youning, it was more like the old house of the Mu family in City G for him.

At this moment, for no reason, why did he feel that this place was empty?

Mu Sijue didnt want to waste too much time on this question. He went to the wine cabinet downstairs and found a bottle of potted Italian wine which had been produced in 2003. He opened it and poured a small glass. Before drinking it, the phone rang, and Shen Yuechuans name appeared on the screen.

He shook the glass in his hand and answered the phone. "Hello?"

"I just wanted to tell you that Kang Ruicheng took Xu Youning back," Shen Yuechuan said, "you dont have to worry about her."

After a pause, Mu Sijue sneered and said, "Why should I worry about her?" He was trying to say that he didnt worry about Xu Youning.

Shen Yuechuan pretended that he didnt understand Mu Sijues words and laughed. "Why are you worried about Xu Youning? You have to ask yourself this question."

"" Mu Sijue couldnt say anything for a while.

Like Lu Boyan, Mu Sijue gave others the feeling that he was cold and reticent. However, when he opened his mouth, he would say some suffocating words. This was the first time that Shen Yuechuan had made Mu Sijue silent.

Shen Yuechuan found it interesting and continued to say, "By the way, Mu Qi, you really dont know yourself. If you really dont care about her, you should have hung up the phone when I told you not to worry about it, not"

Before he could finish his words, his cell phone vibrated slightly, indicating that the call was over.


After staring at the phone for a while, Shen Yuechuan realized that it was ended by Mu Sijue. He snorted and complained, "I guessed right!"

Over on the other side, after hanging up the phone, Mu Sijue drank the wine in his cup.

It was not strong wine. For someone like him who was already resistant to alcohol, drinking this glass of wine was no different from drinking plain water. So, he kept recalling Shen Yuechuans words:

"Kang Ruicheng took Xu Youning back."

If Kang Ruicheng took her back at this time, did it mean that she belonged to Kang Ruicheng?

Or that she had always belonged to Kang Ruicheng. The reason why he had her for a period of time was that Kang Ruicheng had temporarily let go of her and let her approach him with other purposes.

Mu Sijue had lived for more than 30 years. At that moment, he suddenly felt that Xu Youning was the biggest joke in his life

Ah Guang was worried, so he turned the car around and saw Mu Sijue drinking.

In fact, after Xu Youning left, he had seen Mu Sijue drinking more than once.

No matter how normally he acted, in fact, Mu Sijue always missed Xu Youning, didnt he?

When Mu Sijue poured himself a second glass of wine, he saw Ah Guang with a glimpse. Before he could say anything, Ah Guang came over and said, "Seventh Brother, Ill drink with you again."

The last time when Xu Youning had left, he had accompanied Mu Sijue to drink until the next morning.

Mu Sijue knew that there were some things that he could hide from others, but not from Ah Guang.

He took a cup, got another bottle of wine which was stronger, and poured a glass for Ah Guang.

After the night of drinking, Mu Sijue didnt say goodbye to anyone. On the second day, he went straight to the airport, left the city where Xu Youning lived, and flew back to the city he belonged to.

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