Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 620

Chapter 620 The Twins Telepathy

The next day.

Lu Boyan had not rested well for several consecutive days, so it was Su Jianan who woke up earlier today.

Su Jianan carefully removed Lu Boyans hand from her shoulder, lifted the quilt, and quietly got out of bed to see the two little guys.

Xiyu looked even more like Lu Boyan when he fell asleep. His pale lips were pressed into a straight line, and his long eyelashes were as thick as a girls, but he had a cool expression, which meant "No one is allowed to disturb me."

After taking care of these two little guys for a few days, Su Jianan had already figured out a customXiyu was easier to be woken up than Xiangyi.

Or rather, in his subconsciousness, Xiyu had always been more vigilant than his sister.

Su Jianan was afraid of waking him up, so she did not touch him, but turned to look at Xiangyi.

At the moment she saw Xiangyi, Su Jianans expression suddenly changed.

When she didnt realize, Xiangyi had woken up. Lying on the cot, she kept pushing her little hands and feet. Her small nose kept twitching, and she seemed to have difficulty in breathing. A circle of light purple color appeared on her pink lips.


Su Jianan hurriedly picked up her daughter, only to find that the little baby was almost out of breath, and Xiangyi could only kick her legs in Su Jianans arms.

Xiangyi was obviously in a lot of pain, but she had only been in this world for less than five days, so she wouldnt say anything.

Su Jianan forced herself to calm down and went to wake up Lu Boyan with her daughter in her arms.

Lu Boyan was already easy to be woken up. When he heard Su Jianans voice, he quickly opened his eyes, only to find that Su Jianan was holding their daughter in her arms and her eyes were somehow red.

He frowned, and on the next second, he uncovered the thin blanket off his body and got up. "Whats wrong?"

"Xiangyi" Su Jianan was already crying, but she was so anxious that she couldnt speak coherently. "Call the doctor, be quick."

Only then did Lu Boyan notice that Xiangyi was breathing with great difficulty in Su Jianans arms. Her small nose was opened with difficulty, and her beautiful little face was full of discomfort.

However, the little girl could say nothing except that her face was flushed.

Lu Boyans heart felt as if it was pricked by needles. He pressed the emergency alarm on the head of the bed several times. The nurse quickly came over, took a glance at Xiangyi, and said, "It may be child asthma! Dont worry, Ill contact the doctor right away and send the baby to the pediatrics for examination."

When the nurse contacted the pediatrics director, Lu Boyan had already taken over her daughter from Su Jianans hand. He comforted her and said, "Dont be afraid. Ill take Xiangyi to see the doctor. You should stay here to take care of Xiyu."

Su Jianan nodded absent-mindedly and went to the elevator with Lu Boyan and their daughter. When they went down, she remembered that Xiyu was still in the room, so she returned to the suite.

As soon as she walked to the door, the nurse hurriedly came out of the suite. "Mrs. Lu, as soon as you and Mr. Lu went out, Xiyu suddenly woke up and cried badly. We cant comfort him. You should go in and have a look."

Su Jianan hurried back to the suite. As soon as she opened the door, she heard the cry of Xiyu.

From the moment she was born, Xiyu seemed to know that he was the elder brother, so he had a calm expression most of the time. He would occasionally be curious about something, but he would not stare at it for more than three seconds, and it was even rarer for him to cry.

This was the first time that he had cried when he woke up early in the morning.

Su Jianan walked over, picked him up from the baby bed, and coaxed him gently. "Whats wrong? Are you hungry?"

She put the baby on the bed, quickly filled a bottle with warm water, and fed it to him. However, he only took two sips and quickly loosened the pacifier and continued to cry.

Su Jianan made some milk with the powder again. This time, Xiyu took two more sips, but just after two mouthfuls, he suddenly seemed to think of something sad, spit out the pacifier, and cried in a low voice.

"Baby, whats wrong with you?"

Su Jianan could only hold the little fellow in her arms and coax him. But no matter how she coaxed him, he continued to cry, as if he would not stop for the whole day.

Su Jianan suddenly remembered a saying that there was wonderful telepathy between twins.

"Is it because of Xiangyis discomfort that Xiyu cried like that?"

Thinking of this possibility, Su Jianans heart had softened. She touched the face of Xiyu. "Dad has taken your sister to see a doctor. Dont cry, okay?"

Xiyu seemed to have understood Su Jianans words. He stopped for two seconds and then cried louder.

Su Jianan had no choice but to coax him. "Ill take you to see your sister after I get changed. Dont cry, good boy."

Xiyu was still crying, but his wails were quieter. Su Jianan put him on the bed, took some clothes to get changed, and left the suite with Xiyu in her arms.

When the nurse saw Su Jianan coming out with the baby in her arms, she rushed over and asked, "Mrs. Lu, where are you going?"

"Going to the pediatrics department and check on my daughter." Su Jianan then remembered a crucial issue. "By the way, where is the pediatrics department?"

"You just had surgery a few days ago. Carrying a child will tire you out." The nurse was much more anxious than Su Jianan. "How about this? Hand me the young master, and Ill take care of him for you, and then well ask someone to take you to the pediatrics department."

Su Jianan smiled and refused the nurses kindness. "You cant make this little guy quiet. Ill take him there. Please lead the way for me."

The nurse saw that Su Jianan did not intend to let go of Xiyu, so she compromised and took her to the pediatrics department.

Compared with other departments, the pediatrics were much noisier, and the parents looked more anxious.

If it were in the past, Su Jianan might not understand why parents couldnt keep calm. But now, she completely understood.

Thinking of Xiangyis painful face and her struggling nose, Su Jianans heart seemed to be torn into pieces. She was anxious and full of pain, which made her unable to breathe.

At this time, calm and collected thoughts were all abandoned.

Thinking of this, Su Jianan unconsciously quickened her pace. The nurse kept telling her, "Mrs. Lu, slow down. You are holding the baby. Be careful not to get the operation wound involved."

"Its okay. I just want to know how my daughter is as soon as possible." As she said this, Su Jianan looked down at Xiyu in her arms, and a smile finally appeared by her lips. "You want to see your sister too, dont you?"

"Well" Maybe Xiyu understood Su Jianans words. He glared at her in her mothers arms and stopped crying.

When the nurse saw the situation, she said nothing and brought Su Jianan to the pediatrics department as soon as possible. She found out that the Xiangyi was having a check-up and went directly to the examination room.

The door of the examination room was closed, and Lu Boyan stood outside the door. His back looked still slender and straight, but his shoulders were almost stretched into a straight line, and his posture was no longer as calm as it used to be.

"Boyan." Su Jianan called him.

Hearing the voice, Lu Boyan turned around and saw Su Jianan coming over with Xiyu in her arms. He frowned and went to greet her. While taking Xiyu over, he asked, "Why didnt you ask the nurse to carry Xiyu?"

"He doesnt want to, and he has been crying terribly." Su Jianan didnt care about herself and looked at the examination room. "How is Xiangyi? What did the doctor say?"

" Childrens asthma." Lu Boyans voice was deep. "As for the specifics, we have to wait for the results of the examination."

Su Jianan shook her head as if she could not accept the fact that Xiangyi had asthma. "How could this be? Everything was normal during the pregnancy check-up, and everything was normal a few days ago." She grabbed Lu Boyans sleeve and asked, "Did we fail to take good care of her?"

"Dont think too much." Lu Boyan used the other hand to hold Su Jianan. He kissed her forehead across Xiyu. "Lets talk about it after the results come out."

Su Jianan closed her eyes and finally calmed down.

Right at the moment, the door of the examination room was opened, and the nurse came out with Xiangyi in her arms.

Su Jianan went up to her and held her daughter, only to find that the little fellows eyes were tightly closed. She suddenly looked up at the nurse and asked, "What happened to my daughter?"

"Mrs. Lu, dont worry. The baby is fine now. She just fell asleep during the examination." The nurse quickly comforted Su Jianan. "You can go to our directors office with Mr. Lu and let him tell you the details."

The two children were handed over to the nurses to bring them back to the suite, while Lu Boyan and Su Jianan went to the pediatrics deans office.

The director was a well-known pediatrics expert in the country. As soon as she entered the office, Su Jianan didnt care about her manners and asked directly, "Director, whats wrong with my daughter?"

"Its Childrens asthma. The cause of the disease is temporarily unknown. It may be inherited by generations or congenital." The director said, "At present, the only thing we can do is to take positive treatment and prevent this disease from accompanying her for the rest of her life. You dont have to worry too much. Generally, you only need to take care of her. This kind of disease will not endanger the babys life. When the disease comes, the baby will feel a little uncomfortable, just like this morning."

Thinking of Xiangyis condition in the morning, Su Jianans heart felt like being pulled by something. She looked at the director with a pleading look. "I cant let her suffer from a disease as soon as she comes to this world. Director, no matter what, you must"

Before she could finish her words, Su Jianans eyes turned red first. She choked with sobs and suddenly stopped talking.

Lu Boyan came over, and Su Jianan turned her head and buried her head in his arms. His chest soon felt damp.

He touched Su Jianans head. "Dont cry. Ill talk to the doctor."

Su Jianan could not keep calm at the moment, so she could only nod in Lu Boyans arms.

Lu Boyan comforted Su Jianan when he asked the doctor, "Asthma wont endanger my daughters life, right?"

"Theres only one conditionyou have to take care of her carefully. As long as you notice her syndrome in time and take medicine in time, she wont be in danger. Besides, according to the test results, the babys symptoms are very light. As long as you dont stimulate her emotions, the appearance of her illness wont be too frequent. With the help of treatment, shell be possibly cured. So, you dont have to worry too much."

"Whats the chance of being cured?" Lu Boyan asked.

The doctor sighed and said, "Its hard to say. She may be cured soon, or it may stay with her until she reaches adulthood. The worst possibility is that this disease will accompany her for the rest of her life. But dont worry, well use the best medical methods and the best medicine to remove her asthma as much as possible before she grows up."

The doctor didnt say it out directly, but Lu Boyan and Su Jianan both knew that the doctor wasnt sure whether he could cure the asthma of Xiangyi.

In other words, they had to do their best to prepare for the worst.

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