Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 275

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When Qiu Lili was organizing the group of newly recruited zombie leaders, someone else came upstairs.

Feng Yuming ran up toward the roof. As he walked up the last stair step, he saw three men standing there motionlessly while staring outside.

“Oi, you’re really up here. What’re you looking at?” Feng Yuming came up and asked curiously.

Li Zheng and the other two glanced back at him together, but didn’t answer his question. Instead, they turned back and continued looking outside.

Their reaction made Feng Yuming even more curious. He stepped forward and put hands on Li Zheng’s shoulders, then stuck out his head from behind Li Zheng. As a result, he saw a group of zombies standing in the middle of the roof, mostly covered in blood.

“Ah! Zombies!” He uttered a scream, then sprung up and turned to run.

The three people and group of zombies on the roof were all startled by his scream. They turned to look at him, but only saw a figure running downstairs in haste. Within a blink, Feng Yuming disappeared without a trace.

“Damn, I nearly had a heart attack! That bloody kid! The zombies didn’t frighten us, yet he’ll scare us to death sooner or later,” Li Zheng was terribly startled by Feng Yuming. Lin Hao and Lei Yao both wore the same look as he did.

“Is he always so gutless?” Lin Hao asked, “Is he always so afraid of zombies? How did you manage to get through your journey here?”

Li Zheng sighed and responded, “Don’t even mention it”

“He basically screamed all the way,” said Lei Yao.

Lin Qiao who stood aside, turned to say to the four zombies, “Are you going to follow my words or not? Or do you want a fight?”

The four zombies stared at Lin Qiao aggressively. However, they glanced up at the dark cloud, then hesitated. At that point, Qiu Lili became impatient and gave a series of shouts unhappily, “Ah, Ahyaya, Ahyaya”

‘Alright, stop playing. I said that you need to follow her orders, so you have to. If you disobey, I’ll rip your heads open!’

After saying that, she bared her teeth toward the four zombie leaders, her face showing ferocity.

“Whoo” The four zombie leaders were immediately terrified. They flinched, not daring to move.

As Qiu Lili seemed to lose her temper, Lin Qiao decided to not waste any more time. She took back the black mist and made the sky bright again. After that, she threw the broken cup at a corner, and a new one appeared in her hand, filled with water. Holding the cup of water, she waved at the boy zombie.

“Alright, you come here first,” she said.

The boy zombie glanced at Lin Qiao but didn’t move, turning to look at Qiu Lili instead. Qiu Lili didn’t even want to talk to him. Instead, she directly showed him her claws.

The boy zombie shivered on seeing that, then obediently walked toward Lin Qiao.

Lin Qiao looked at his bloody mouth and chin, then handed him the cup and said, “Drink it.”

‘This kid’s chin is nearly fallen off, so how is he supposed to drink the water?‘ she wondered.

The boy zombie carefully took over the cup while glancing at Qiu Lili from time to time. Then, he put the cup under his nose to sniff at it, after which, he was attracted by the energy contained in the water.

After sniffing, he directly raised his head and poured the water into his throat. He gulped noisily and soon emptied the cup.

Having finished the cup of water, he closed his eyes to feel it. As he opened his eyes again, a red light flashed across those eyes. Then, he raised his head to look at Lin Qiao with sparkling eyes.

Lin Qiao took back the cup, then pointed at Lin Hao and the other two humans while saying, “Alright, you can only have one cup a day. And, you can’t hurt the people in this building. You also need to protect them from being harmed.”

After being startled by Feng Yuming, Lin Hao and the other two were less nervous now. At this point, they felt like they were watching a show.

“Ahyaya! Ahayaya!” Qiu Lili hastened Lin Qiao with discontentment. ‘Hurry up! I want to evolve!’

While speaking, she spread her fingers to show Lin Qiao those energy nuclei in her hand.

Lin Qiao nodded, then gave a cup of water to each of the remaining three zombie leaders. When it was the elderly zombie’s turn, she found that his way of drinking was different from that of the others.

The other zombies all impatiently poured the water into their mouths; but unlike them, the elderly zombie drank the water with small sips. Moreover, before every sip, he would blow the water slightly.

‘Oi, the water is cold, so why are you blowing? Can you drink it faster? You’re drinking with an elegant manner, but‘ Lin Qiao complained silently.

Indeed, the elderly zombie had an elegant manner of drinking. Apart from that, he had looked around when taking over the cup. Lin Qiao knew that he was looking for a couch or chair!

‘You need to sit on a couch or chair to drink water? Is your life so exquisite? You’re just a zombie!’

Lin Qiao wasn’t the only one surprised. Even the three humans who were standing aside and watching now stared at him with a strange look.

After all zombie leaders had some water, Lin Qiao found a spot for each of them and said something to them. Only after that did she take over the few energy nuclei from Qiu Lili’s hand.

“Viney has been sleeping recently. I’ll wake her up first and bring you in later.”

Qiu Lili nodded at her, then watched Lin Qiao disappear in front of her.

Lin Qiao entered her space and sensed some human scents. Those were the scents left by Lin Feng, Li Zheng, and the others. Even the air in her space was now filled with their scents.

Of course, those scents had faded a little already.

Lin Qiao didn’t know where the air in her space came from, and where it would go.

Holding the few energy nuclei, she stood by the lakeside and shouted at the lake, “Viney, Viney, wake up! We have energy nuclei!”

She called Viney’s name a few times, but nothing happened in the lake.

Looking at the lake surface, she didn’t know what to do.‘I can’t wake Viney up, so what should I do? Normally, Viney would sense the energy nuclei once I brought them in here. But, why isn’t it working this time?’

‘I don’t need to go down to the lake bottom to bring these nuclei to her, do I?’

“Viney?” Lin Qiao called Viney’s name once again and waited for a few seconds. However, Viney still didn’t respond.

Looking at the peaceful lake, Lin Qiao sighed.

‘Alright, I’ll go down and take a look. I haven’t observed the world down there yet.’

She put the energy nuclei on the ground, then began taking off her clothes. After making herself naked, she picked up the energy nuclei and walked into the lake.

The cool water contained a strong energy, which made her feel comfortable. She didn’t feel cold, so she kept walking down into the water. When the water reached her chest, she dove in.

She didn’t need to breathe in the water. The only thing she needed to do was paddle with her limbs and swim toward the lake bottom.

The clear water was colorless in her eyes. However, once she narrowed her eyes, she was able to see a dark-greenness.

While sensing Viney’s vibe and location, she kept swimming downward.

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