Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 277

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Lin Qiao dragged the chair which was placed by the lakeside to the clearing before the small space. Then, she moved the few pots and buckets to that area as well. Only after that did she walk over to the lake to look at the edge of the water and measure the rise of the water level.

Then, she turned back to glance at the couches, tables, and cabinets. She didn’t know if the water would reach that area, but she still felt that she should better move those furniture pieces to farther places.

It was same for that pile of pumpkins and potatoes.

She looked at the two zombies who had dragged the two buckets to her. Ignoring their naked bodies, she pointed at the grassland and said to them, “Pour the water in the grass, then place the buckets over there. After that, come back to carry these furniture pieces to that area too.”

While speaking, she pointed at the clearing before the woods.

The woods and the lake were parted by the grassland, which was about two-hundred-meters-wide. Lin Qiao couldn’t tell how much would the water-level rise, but she still decided to take some precautions and move everything away.

Besides, after the last upgrade, two clean clearings had emerged in her spaceone between the grassland and the woods, and one before the small space.

As the two zombies were piling the pumpkins and potatoes before the woods, Lin Qiao dragged the furniture pieces into the small space one by one.

After carrying the couches, tables, and beds all into the small space by herself, Lin Qiao turned to look at the lake and found that the stone stove that she had built earlier had already been soaked. The three-meters-wide soil ground between the lake and the grass was soaked as well. By now, the water had reached the grass.

Squeak! Squeak! The sounds of mice were heard.

Lin Qiao turned to find two mice hiding under a bed. The grey rabbit had run out of the grass as well. At the moment, it was squatting by the lakeside, looking at the strawberry field and then at the lake water.

The rabbit seemed to be worrying that the water might flood the strawberry field.

When Lin Qiao turned back, she suddenly found something wrong.

‘Eh? Damn! Why did the small space go further away?’

Looking at the small space which was meters away from her, Lin Qiao was a little stunned. Earlier on, she was focusing on the lifting, but didn’t notice the change of her space. Now, as she had finished the work, she found that the small space had moved away.

She raised her head to look around, then found that the space had become larger than before.

The woods seemed to have expanded as well.

The water in the lake was still waving, showing no sign of calming down.

She then looked at the two zombies. They had carried all pumpkins and potatoes away from the lakeside, and were squatting far away from the lake at the moment.

Lin Qiao watched the water submerge the grass for about a meter. After that, the lake surface gradually quieted down. Next, a few arm-thick vines reached out of the water. Viney’s vines didn’t grow thicker, but their color had turned into jade white.

If Lin Qiao didn’t go down to the lake bottom, she wouldn’t know that Viney’s vines were actually no shorter than a thousand meters. She couldn’t tell how deep she had been, but she knew that she had spent a long time diving down.

The tips of the jade-white vines had a few tiny green leaves on them. Through the water surface, a vine reached toward Lin Qiao.

Lin Qiao walked to the lakeside and watched the vine coil around her hand. However, the first thing that Viney said wasn’t about her.

‘Mama, those naked people are so ugly They butts are exposed’

Lin Qiao was a little speechless.

‘They are no longer human beings, so they don’t care about their butts‘ she said in her heart.

‘But My eyes hurt when I look at them‘ said Viney.

Lin Qiao burst out in laughter on hearing that.‘Alright, I’ll make them wear something later. How are you now? Have you upgraded?’

Viney twisted the few vines in the water and said,‘Yes, yes, I’m a level higher I’m at level-three now When I got to level-five, I’ll be able to go out I can see the outside now! It’s so, so large’

“Eh? You can see the outside?” Lin Qiao asked with surprise, “How?”

‘Yes, yes,’ said Viney,‘Through Mama’s body.

“My body?” Lin Qiao was confused.

‘Yes, yes,’ Viney responded.

Lin Qiao thought for a moment, but failed to figure it out. She guessed that Viney was able to sense the outside world through her sensations. She didn’t plan to spend too much time on this question though. Since Viney had upgraded again, she should be able to fix and activate Qiu Lili’s body.

“Alright Viney, can you fix Lili’s body now?”

‘Yes, yes Viney is full now,‘ replied Viney.

Lin Qiao understood Viney’s meaning. She meant that she was full of energy now, and was able to do some work.

“Alright then!” said Lin Qiao, “I’ll bring Lili here. Wait for us.”

After saying that, she didn’t flash out immediately, but turned to walk to the closet. She took out two sets of adults’ clothes, then waved her hands toward the two zombies.

“You two, come here.”

The two zombies looked at her and hesitated shortly, then walked toward her. Lin Qiao handed them the clothes, then asked, “Do you know how to put these on?”

The two zombies reacted differently. The male zombie only gazed at the clothes on Lin Qiao’s hand without taking them over. But unlike him, the female zombie curiously took over the clothes, then looked at them from up to down.

Soon, a tearing noise was heard, as the female zombie tore a shirt.

“Ah!” Lin Qiao stared at the female zombie, then glanced at the male zombie. At last, she couldn’t help but rest one hand on her waist and the other on her forehead. As she did that, the hand on her forehead accidentally slipped to the back of her head.

She rubbed her bald head, then sighed at the two zombies.

“You can’t tear this. You need to wear this Do you understand?” She said to the female zombie, “I’ll help you once, then you have to memorize it.”

Then, she picked up the panty after getting down on one knee and said to the female zombie, “Here, put your foot in.”

The female zombie looked at her bewilderedly, as if she were a psychopath.

Lin Qiao waited for a short while, but the female zombie gave her no response. So, she raised her head to find the look in the zombie’s eyes.

‘Damn! What am I doing? I’m trying to dress a zombie, and the zombie is seeing me as nuts! Why?’

“Why are you looking at me? Put your foot in! Left foot! Not this foot, that foot Good! Now, put the other foot in Not this side! The other side! One foot each side, not two! Alright, stand straight!”

After putting the panty on the female zombie with some effort, Lin Qiao made her wear a pair of mini-shorts. She couldn’t find any pants in the closet, only dresses and mini-shorts. Therefore, Lin Qiao took a pair of mini-shorts and a shirt for the female zombie. But unexpectedly, the zombie tore the shirt.

Soon, Lin Qiao noticed the giant wound on the female zombie’s head, and felt that it might frighten kids.

To solve that problem, she picked a baseball hat as she went back to the closet for another shirt. She didn’t manage to find a new shirt, so she put the torn one on the female zombie, then covered her head with the hat.

‘Hmm not bad!’ Lin Qiao said to herself.

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